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Graduates of ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta are much sought after on the job market thanks to their broad fundamental knowledge and their practical approach.

ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta trains outstanding experts in their fields, and prepares its students to assume positions of responsibility as critical members of society.

Clearly focused study programmes that meet the highest standards in terms of both what is taught and how it is taught, and the independence they allow to students, make the university an extremely attractive place to study. Rising student numbers provide compelling evidence of this.

  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Academic excellence
  • Excellent conditions for research and study ...
  • ... and global connections

Process Overview

ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta is a leader in the production based education of specialists and trainings with academic backgrounds. Its range of education courses target the long-‚Äčterm development of society and the economy and strengthen the competitive capability of Industry.

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Admission Calendar

ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta admission schedule, performance assessments are either graded or assessed on a pass/fail basis. Failed performance assessments may not be repeated.

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Vocational education & training

Vocational training in Indonesia provides young people with an introduction to working and professional life and ensures the supply of future generations of specialist personnel. It is coordinated with the requirements of the labour market and is an integral part of the education system.

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At ATMI Polytechnic, women and men from a wide range of cultural and academic backgrounds work and study together in an environment of mutual respect, collectively achieving exceptional results. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, violence or harassment at our polytechnic.

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